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Mika Pohjola - piano
Massimo Biolcati - bass
Mark Ferber - drums

Turn Out the Stars is a portrait of Bill Evans' music played pianist Mika Pohjola. He collaborates with bassist Massimo Biolcati and drummer Mark Ferber in a high-spirited recording date. The selections are complemented with three tunes performed solo in daring interpretations on electric piano and synthesizer, and the concluding For Nenette on solo acoustic piano.

Turn Out the Stars showcases a large variety of possibilities to interpret compositions by Bill Evans. They lend themselves for influences from electronica to contemporary classical while not losing integrity or character. The songs are, however, easiest accessible in the format that Bill Evans played them himself, namely the piano trio and solo acoustic piano.

Pohjola's trio playing here is rather involved: He, Biolcati and Ferber often enter into a vertigo of rhythmic accents and polyrhythmic intrigues, never losing the grip of the form and song. In contrast all simplicity is to be found on Time Remembered, which is rendered as a heartfelt ballad, however with extended harmony.

Turn Out the Stars is a must-have for Bill Evans fans, who long for alternative and contemporary renditions of these masterpieces. Evans who was always on the edge to seek and find new musical forms, would himself, no doubt, approve of the new interpretations of his more than fifty year-old tunes.

Turn Out the Stars - Music by Bill Evans

Released 2020

by Mika Pohjola
with Massimo Biolcati, Mark Ferber